HIDE: Chainsaw

Last year Chicago dark electronica duo, HIDE, produced one of the most impressive breakthrough darkwave albums of the last few years, the immaculately dark, Castration Anxiety, which they are now following with their sophomore full length. Hell is Here releases on August 23rd, 2019 via Dais Records.

Sounding more agitated than ever, the two-piece composed of Heather Gabel and Seth Sher, unveil the forthcoming album's opening track, a plain and monotonous soul-crusher, the unbearably heavy and profound, Chainsaw. Both the three-minute ripping track and its accompanying, chilling video address the reality of rape.

Where it seemed like HIDE had peaked, the dark whizzes emerge with something so powerful and imposing that's undoubtedly a great harbinger of more of the same quality and oddity.

Video concept by Alison Nguyen/Menthol Pictures / Filmed/edited by Chris Hefner and HIDE

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