Women of the Night: I Am Well And Missing You

Delivering a fascinatingly raw combination of proto-punk, dreampop and psychedelic pop, New York's Women of the Night have recently put out their debut full length, Pastel Colors, an abounding thirteen-track release of many sides and qualities.

Bluntly direct and to the point, Women of the Night's sound may be multifarious, drawing from a handful of different aspects of rock 'n' roll, yet, it demonstrably transpires as something intuitive and unconditionally uncomplicated.

Prominent LP opener, I Am Well And Missing You, is a three-minute knock out, evocative of obscure garage rocking psychedelia from the sixties, with its roots deeply grounded in early, ragged punk. While it does not reinvent the wheel, Women of the Night's ways are certainly capable of magnetizing and winning over the listener straight off.


Artist photo by bettybyrd

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