Protovulcan: Noise Lawyer

After the weirdly charming, Pine For You, Chicago's unconventional experimental trio, Protovulcan, return with another eccentric piece off their upcoming fourth full length, Life Is Twigs.

The title for Noise Lawyer was inspired by a funny anecdote that Steve Albini told the band during the album's recording sessions, about a wealthy lawyer who loved showing off his expensive and rare guitars, and would always say, “Hey – let’s jam!” - but, he could only play mediocre blues riffs. That became the motivation for Protovulcan drummer, Deric Criss, to form the mental picture of Noise Lawyer, "a guy who spent tons of money on crappy noise toys like Speak and Spells and Synsonic Drums, and who only jammed experimental noise."

Not for everyone, and surely not easily digestible, Protovulcan's raw sound can be enigmatic as much as it is multidimensional and exploratory. Noise Lawyer is another winner, and like Ladytron’s Reuben Wu previously described the band's sound, it's all "perfectly imperfect."

Video directed by Jesse Dorje Irwin

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