Lungbutter: Intrinsic

In an eccentric and minimal manner, Montreal trio, Lungbutter, bring together sounds from slowcore, noise rock, punk and sludge into a bizarre amalgam, edgily and artfully executed, and fully realized in all its charming oddity. The band's debut album, Honey, comes out May 31st, 2019 on the revered Constellation Records.

Intrinsic burns slowly for almost six minutes, an intense number built around a monotonous, sludgy guitar riff, cleansed through a flaming, solid and poetic vocal delivery which leads to a climactic conclusion.

Lungbutter are Ky Brooks, Joni Sadler and Kaity Zozula, steady contributors to the underground rock community in Montreal for many years through bands such as Femmaggots, Harsh Reality,Caymans, Nennen, Wreckage With Stick and Nag, and numerous other outlets. Honey follows the band's self-released cassette EP, Extractor, from 2014.

Cover image by Tommi Parrish

Pre-order from Constellation & Bandcamp

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