Full Of Hell: Armory of Obsidian Glass

The release of one of the most ambitious and highly anticipated extreme metal records of the year draws near, and we get to taste another fantastic piece off it, this time featuring a prominent guest.

Armory of Obsidian Glass is the impressive new single off Full Of Hell's upcoming LP, Weeping Choir, out May 17th, 2019 via Relapse Records. The new song includes the eerie vocal contribution of Lingua Ignota, whose otherworldly, and utterly bewitching vocalization juxtaposes the band's dark edginess, resulting to a splendid seven minute epic, a weighty and sirenic piece full of intrigue, and undeniably full of hell.

Lingua Ignota, comments: "Armory of Obsidian Glass rips, and is probably my favorite FOH track to date, so it was a great pleasure to work on it. I wanted my vocals to provide a counterpoint to all the savagery, to pick up on and accentuate harmonic things happening in the music in an unexpected way. I think the effect overall is chilling, wild, and I’m excited for people to hear it — many thanks to my friends for letting me contribute to this amazing song."

Artist photo by Reid Haithcock

Album art by Mark McCoy


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