She Keeps Bees: Kinship

Arriving five years after their acclaimed previous album, Eight Houses, Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant, the creative force behind   Brooklyn duo, She Keeps Bees, return with their fifth full length. Kinship releases May 10th, 2019 through BB*Island, and for the US through Ba Da Bing.

A ponderous and sweetly wistful cut, the album's title track comes starring Larrabbee's sulky vocal delivery alongside minimal, yet, powerful instrumentation built around the steadfast rhythm of a tom-tom drum. Influenced by personal loss, and bearing deeply existential qualities, Kinship is a poetic and elegiac piece, conveying a profound message about life and reconnection.

"Our willful ignorance to what connects us to each other, and to nature, will be our downfall."

The wonderful visual attached to the song was created by visual artists Lizzy Brooks and Laura Cohen.

"We were trying use the themes present in the album, such as the destruction and redistribution of the natural world, to highlight how humanity has become blind to the way we've hastened our eventual demise as a species," Laura states about the clip, and Lizzy adds: "The fragmented pictures show our interconnectedness to each other and the natural world. In the overlays and the degradation and changing of the colors, we wanted to show our vulnerable materiality. We're just little bits of matter, like glimpses, that are woven into a pattern that's too deep and complicated for us to understand. We run our cruel societies, exploiting the land and one another, but we are made of water, which binds us to each other and the land."

 "Personally, the three figures represent the three fates (Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos) and I wanted the camera to follow them as they observe the greed of humans and bathe in the water that will soon rise to swallow us all," Laura describes about the video's connection to Greek mythology.


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