Ride: Future Love

After their successful reunion shows, a great album and a fantastic EP, Ride's new wind holds strong, so that it feels like the band never left. Recorded with Erol Alkan, the same producer as their previous album, the band's sixth full length, This is Not a Safe Place, will be out August 16th, 2019 via Wichita.

Very much characteristic of the harmonious ways of their post-reunion sound, and leaning near the lighter side of shoegaze, Future Love is a wonderful new cut. The new single verifies Ride's revitalization, and their enthusiasm for their upcoming steps as a band, and this exciting latest phase of their career. It even comes with a welcome direction toward traditional sixties pop, nodding charmingly to British Invasion.

"Future Love is a song about the beginning of a relationship, when everything feels possible," Andy Bell reveals about the new single's intent.


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