Oceans Over Alderaan: Falters

Meet Oceans Over Alderaan, a rising shoegaze band from Blackpool, UK, who have started making a name for themselves with only their first couple of pieces of music. Their new single, Falters, is only their second, scheduled for release on April 19th, 2019.

The band's sound is based on an atmospheric shoegaze foundation, and often expands into more post rock and progressive territories, driven by powerful vocals, equally firm and exciting instrumentation, and sharp, yet, spacey production. Falters, a chilling, melodious tune about "male mental health, depression and suicidal impulses," builds steadfastly into a piece of art impeccably well done, and becomes an astute sophomore release, like an amped up, fresh version of the dreampop and shoegaze greatness of Cocteau Twins, Slowdive and MBV.

The accompanying video was created by the band's own Barry Parkinson and Alice Deacon with band friend (and label mate), The Wisdom Of Oz.

"Lyrically it speaks about watching someone tear themselves apart from an outsiders point of view with the video depicting mania and isolation in a deliberately vague way in order to let the viewer project their own interpretation and emotions onto the story," the band reveal. "The masks represent the faces we all use to hide ourselves from the rest of the world at times we feel we cannot cope."

Oceans Over Alderaan are Alice Deacon (vocals), Barry Parkinson (guitar), Steve Trenell (bass) and Joe Wylie (drums).

Live Dates:
Thu 25th April at West Street Live, Sheffield
Sat 11th May at Bootleg Social Club, Blackpool, W/ Sonars
Wed 15th May at Peer Hat, Manchester
Sun 16th June at Music Run Festival, Blackpool
Thu 1st August at Club Ac30 at the Victoria, London

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