IV League: Cola Tooth World

About one year after the release of single and record opener, Superstar, Melbourne's IV League are finally ready with the release of their debut EP, When You Lose Me.

Composed of Bella Venutti and Lachie Gilmour, IV League sound like a consistent mixture of all things indie nineties, particularly close to guitar driven power pop, college rock and grunge. Their new record's sound owes its sharpness to Malcolm Besley (The Creases, City Calm Down) whose production brings forward the band's vigor and energy.

"I suppose the EP covers coming of age quite a bit and shedding past identities as many of us do in the transition from your late teens to your early 20s," Bella Venutti explains about the EP's objective. "The EP is a collection of dreams, fears, anger and fantasy and feels like the culmination of our experiences over the past few years pouring our heart and soul into pursuing music, which has shaped our lives in so many different ways."

Cola Tooth World, inclined toward a wilder punk direction, closes the overall solid EP in an impressive manner, once more indicating the band's love for influential acts like The Breeders, Sonic Youth and Pixies.


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