Home Body: Comet

A couple for thirteen years, operating as a forward-thinking duo which indulges in an exploratory blend of synthpop, new wave and electronica, synthesist Eric Hnatow and vocalist Haley Morgan comprise Home Body, and their upcoming full length, Spiritus, will be out April 26th, 2019 via Feeding Tube Records and Peace & Rhythm.

Delicately monotonous and unflinching all the way through its three and a half-minute denseness, Comet is a superlatively moody, otherworldly piece, founded on Morgan's adamant vocal delivery, and Hnatow's superb instrumental build. Minimal, yet, rich, enlivened with a dark industrial force, yet, completely accessible, the track feels like the essence of the duo's sophisticated sound.

Self-described with the intriguing term, fever-pop, Home Body's music contains enough eccentricity to lure the listener in, and all the charisma required to keep them hooked.

The rising duo has supported acts such as Dan Deacon, Boy Harsher, Marco Benevento, And The Kids, Guerilla Toss, Pumarosa, TEEN and Downtown Boys, and continues to grow both as a studio and a live act.

Artist photo by Anja Sch├╝tz

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feedingtuberecords.com and peaceandrhythm.com

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