Death Hags: Oublie Moi

Like something straight from Twin Peaks' Roadhouse, the superlatively moody Oublie Moi was written from the perspective of character Josie Packard as an interior monologue, spoken entirely in French. The song, written and performed by LA-based, French-born electronica artist, Lola Jean aka Death Hags, speaks about the suffocating nature of love, and it was initially created for a Twin Peaks tribute compilation.

Once more Death Hags channels her influences with reverence, and delivers a seamless mixture that is resonant of the innovative electronica of Brian Eno, the glimmering synthpop sound of Stereolab, and the psychedelic electronic approach of Broadcast.

The atmospheric Oublie Moi is a solid, driving three minute piece, capable of going beyond its tasteful concept, and expanding into a powerful display of sturdy, well-crafted electronica.

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