D//E Premiere: Protovulcan: Pine For You

Experimental Chicago trio, Protovulcan, will release their new album, Life Is Twigs, on May 31st, 2019 via Midwest Action, recorded with legendary producer, Steve Albini, at his Electrical Audio studio. The coming record is introduced by a transcendental first single which fuses edgy noise rock with monotonous, robotic vocals. Pine For You is a weird merger of traditional and electronic sounds, a piece which often feels intimate as a much as it appears like something completely alien.

Protovulcan are Will MacLean (vocals/keyboards), Deric Criss (drums - also of Walking Bicycles) and Nick Ammerman (guitars), and Life Is Twigs is their third overall album. "It got that name," explains MacLean, "in part because both Deric and I had a number of life things happen, and I’d thrown at him the idea of recording with Steve Albini, for fun. He was afraid it’d cost too much, then one day texted me, 'Fuck. Let’s do it! Life is twigs.' Which sounded about right."

"This one began as the descending vocoder melody, and turned into some beautiful noise rock," say the band about the new song. "It is a high energy blast of alternating vocoder and guitar noise. It is actually something of a love song."

An out of this world noise rocker, the bright with promise, Protovulcan's Pine For You streams for the first time right below.


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