My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: Forbidden Saints

Quite reminiscent of their early sound, and conveying all of that innovative industrial disco rock dynamism that helped a whole genre develop, shape and expand into new territories, In the House of Strange Affairs finds My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult in excellent form, and shows that their proclivity toward eccentricity and origination is unlimited.

More than three decades after their inception and first bold steps, the Chicagoan pioneers of industrial rock are still able to come up with something admirable which playfully looks back at a few different parts of the band's rich history, without getting cluttered in restrictive nostalgia.

Opposed to the dance rock direction of the album's lead single, The Chains of Fame, which feels like a piece sharply designed for the world's darkest club dancefloors, Forbidden Saints seems closer to the band's more horror-infused side, evident on celebrated albums such as Confessions of a Knife... and Sexplosion! from the very early nineties.

MLWTTKK seem to belong in any decade though. Without changing much, their music always sounds relevant, fresh and timeless, and through In the House of Strange Affairs they certainly appear fitting and capable to grow this kult following of theirs, in the same way they were able to amplify the diverse styles and genres they mess up with, and still scrape together something so dense and tenacious.

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