Low Dose: Start Over

A direct, discharging of raw energy and all in all powerful record, the debut self titled album by freshly founded noise rockers, Low Dose, will be out on March 29th, 2019 via Brutal Panda / Knife Hits Records.

"It's about going through a really f*cked up divorce, but I wanted to have the lyrics be very obvious and pop-sensible so people can apply them to things that they’ve gone through personally," the quartet's guitarist and vocalist, Itarya Rosenberg, said of the album's intent. "Playing with these guys and writing this record saved my life."

Low Dose are composed of the core members of Fight Amp, Mike McGinnis, Jon DeHart, and Dan Smith, and Itarya Rosenberg. Their super punchy ten-song LP is easily one of the year's most impressive debuts thus far, and a noise rock blast founded on seamlessly infused elements of grunge and punk rock. This second single to surface off it, the hard hitting Start Over, is another bold display of the might and nerve the band has to offer.

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