BIG|BRAVE: A Gaze Among Them

A Gaze Among Them will be the fourth full length by experimental heavy rockers, BIG|BRAVE, and it's coming out May 10th 2019, via Southern Lord Recordings. The upcoming album is being introduced by a brief, yet, mind-blowing teaser clip, containing some of the band's new music.

"How do we take very little and make something bigger than what we actually have?" Vocalist and guitarist, Robin Wattie, explains further: "The biggest challenge was to not do what is easiest. i.e. what we knew worked for the last albums or what is, for us, easy to write. With A Gaze Among Them, Mathieu and I put ourselves through the ringer - I did not want to do what seemed to me to be a ‘logical next step’ in what we could do musically. I wanted to go back to our original concepts and work from there - space, tension, minimalism and voice (finding melody and musicality in pieces that consist of one note for longer than ten minutes, for example) were the primary concentrations I wanted to push."

On A Gaze Among Them BIG|BRAVE are composed of Robin Wattie (vocals, electric guitar, guitar amp, bass amp), Mathieu Ball (electric guitar, guitar amps) and Loel Campbell (drums). The album will include guest appearances from Thierry Amar (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thee Silver Mt Zion) on contrabass and Seth Manchester's synth overdubs. The album's cover artwork was created by Robin Wattie.

Photo by Rachel Cheng

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