Wy: Pavements

While carrying on with the dreampop/shoegaze sound that made them and their debut stand out in the first place, Swedish duo, Wy, showcase a very confident and stable forward step with the release of their fresh new single, Pavements.

Rather forceful and bolder compared to the predominantly atmospheric sound of their noteworthy debut LP, Okay, the new single expresses the profound sentimentality in the duo's songwriting, this time with a more vivid approach, appearing more red-blooded than ever. The simple, yet, definitely engaging black and white video that accompanies the song was directed by Wy themselves, starring vocalist/frontwoman, Ebba, shadowboxing, and featuring guitarist, Michel, in a sightly display of shoegaze guitar playing.

On the concept behind the video, Ebba has the following to say: "While recording the studio version of the song our friend Joar told me that it sounded like someone punching. I immediately saw myself boxing in the air to it and so we made it the video. When we recorded the footage I tried to mimic how I moved and felt while recording the vocals. I think the act of boxing captures the feeling of the song perfectly, especially when I can’t really box. There is a weirdness to it that I like."

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