Venom Prison: Uterine Industrialisation

Following their acclaimed debut, Animus, British death metal heavyweights, Venom Prison, will release their second studio album, Samsara, on March 15th, 2019 via Prosthetic Records. The new records is introduced by the utterly frantic and savage single, Uterine Industrialisation, and its accompanying video.

As its brutal title suggests, the politically charged track is a powerful and steadfast commentary on motherhood and its appropriation. The clip emerges like a short, yet, to the point, horror flick, all gory and extra bloody, portraying the band's own, Larissa Stupar, as a pregnant woman suffering in nightmarish and torturous scenes, always standing strong. The horror is contrasted by views of the whole band performing with all their might in a beautifully lit church.

As one of the brightest heavy new acts in the UK, Venom Prison, go beyond death metal's basics to come up with something so much muscular, atypically cutting edge, yet, true to the genre's philosophy and values.


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