Spotlights: The Age Of Decay

Brooklyn's Spotlights have unveiled the fist piece from the next chapter of their so far impressive path in the realm of heavy music. Their third album, Love & Decay releases on April 26th, 2019 via Ipecac Recordings.

Heavy and expansive, and leaning toward an imposing shoegaze sound, equally reminiscent of both Slowdive and Kylesa, The Age of Decay doesn't disappoint. On the contrary, the song develops grandly and presents its massiveness, fitful euphony and good ear for production, courtesy of the band's guitarist and singer, Mario Quintero.

"The Age of Decay encapsulates everything we do on this record," Mario explains. "Musically, it has some of the heaviest moments as well as the most dynamic and melodic. It shows little bits of what we get into throughout the entire album in one track. Lyrically, it reflects on personal points in my and Sarah’s relationship, how things grew from when we met, moving around the country and chasing this thing together. The juxtaposition about love against this backdrop of a world that can be hard to deal with."

Love & Decay finds Spotlights as a full grown trio, with touring drummer Chris Enriquez becoming a full-time member, in addition to the husband and wife couple of Mario and Sarah Quintero.


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