Low Dose: Low

After grungy sludge rockers, Fight Amp, stopped operating as a band, its core members, Mike McGinnis, Jon DeHart, and Dan Smith, eager to put their creativity to good use again, enlisted singer, Itarya Rosenberg, and formed the new project, Low Dose, whose self-titled debut album will be released on March 29th, 2019 via Brutal Panda / Knife Hits Records.

Low Dose's sound carries a lot of creditable qualities that take us back to the early year's of post rock, when the genre was not even a thing yet, while it also leans heavily on the more artistic and musing side of noise rock. LP opener, Low, is a grunge piece which represents the band's strong character quite rightly.

The upcoming album was recorded and mixed by Steve Poponi (Fight Amp, Psychic Teens) and mastered by Dave Downham (Creepoid, Beach Slang).

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