Elizabeth Colour Wheel: Pink Palm

The second track that surfaces off the very propitious debut album by the super hard to pinpoint newcomers, Elizabeth Colour Wheel, is Pink Palm, the opening song to the much anticipated, Nocebo which comes out March 15th, 2019 via The Flenser.

With a climactic structure that takes no prisoners, the seven-minute piece starts things off in a timid yet, very melodious manner, before it dares to expand into something grander and weightier, eventually evolving into a magnificent rock slide of heaviness, punk rocking energy, gazey reverberation and utter lyricism. The spine-chilling vocal delivery of Lane Shi on this one is unrivaled, a direct highlight, but not the track's only one.

The Massachusetts band seems to have a fully realized heavy epic on their hands, and piece after piece they reveal its many strengths, and they will be certainly catching more of our attention in the remainder of 2019.


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