Death Hags: Electrochemical Communication

A current resident of Los Angeles, French-born electronica artist, Lola Jean aka Death Hags is following her recent imposing single and video, Earthbound, with another futuristic, almost dystopian-themed track, once more drawing influence from pioneering experimental acts like the great Brian Eno, and more, while preserving her original character and posture.

The superbly fresh, charmingly monotonous Electrochemical Communication is themed on a post-industrial utopia where a new breed of humans lives in symbiosis with other organisms, with its poetical lyrics mixing both English and French, a usual method for Death Hags' compositions, and hinting at the repetitiousness in the trailblazing krautrock electronic sound of Kraftwerk, as well as the more new wave-inclined and synthesiser-based New Order records, and the quirky electro-pop of Ladytron and Stereolab.


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