Brutus: Cemetery

Directed by Mitch Wells from Thou, Belgian post hardcore trio, Brutus reveal a new video for their new single, Cemetery, off their upcoming, very promising album, Nest.

Like the music itself which is no way close to something orthodox and conventional, the video depicts Jarrett Sleeper and his passionate, instinctual moves, among a naturalistic setting, bathed in bright neon colors. The track is an exceptional merger of post rock and hardcore sounds, straight from the darker spectrum of underground heavy rock. The song consistently builds, never lets up during its four-minute entirety, and keeps on growing toward an elevating, satisfying climax.

Brutus is Stefanie Mannaerts (vocals, drums), Stijn Vanhoegaerden (guitar) and Peter Mulders (bass). Nest comes out March 29th, 2019 via Sargent House.



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