All Your Sisters: Dividing Lines

Following the modern darkwave achievement that was 2016's Uncomfortable Skin, Jordan Morrison's All Your Sisters returns with a new album due April 12th, 2019 via The Flenser.

Dividing Lines is a noisy post punk oddity that conveys the bleakness in Morrison's writing, as the upcoming album works as an outlet for the artist to express deal with all the pain and anguish he witnessed while working graveyard shifts as a paramedic, and draws influence from such desolating real life events, like the fatal drug overdose of his brother-in-law, and the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland that claimed many lives of people from the Bay Area music scene.

"This record is about making hard life choices, living with those decisions, and the struggle to live life on life’s terms," Morrison said of the album’s intent. "If I die tomorrow, I don’t want to have any regrets."

Powerful electronic drums, excellent cold synths, pianos and rousing guitars, all intertwined through Jack Shirley's sharp production, comprise the freshly dark sound of All Your Sisters, and Trust Ruins seems to be coming forth with promise and consistency.


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