Somn: Sightless

The All-devouring is the debut album by Russian post black metal band, Somn, and it's coming out digitally on January 27th, 2019 and on vinyl later in the year through Elusive Sound.

Somn is a rising force within the post metal genre's confined boundaries, and a fresh, invigorating group featuring members of such imposing, heavy acts as Show Me A Dinosaur and TRNA. The album's opening piece, Sightless, suggests that The All-devouring is going to be an intensely dark and startling record, and undoubtedly one of the year's first underground highlights.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mikhail Kurochkin over a period of three weeks, The All-devouring draws its theme around the idea of dreams, and how we transport ourselves and distill our realities into them, where everything becomes possible. With a name that derives from Somnus, the god of sleep in Roman mythology, the band seems wholly devoted to this intriguing concept, and turn the stimulation they get from it to good account.

"There are times we want to dream because it frees our soul and amplifies vision, yet sometimes we fear to sleep because our demons eagerly await to take over our mind. They fuel the anxiety that keeps us hypervigilant and awake at night and the kind of animal fear that consumes us as we reluctantly fall asleep."

Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Somn right off the bat sound like a tight unit which has mastered this majestic fusion of post rock and black metal. The almost eleven-minute long, Sightless, is a magnificent exhibition of inspiration, instrumental muscle and overall passionate delivery, and despite its mass and extent, it doesn't feel prolonged.

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