Priests: The Seduction of Kansas

Following Nothing Feels Natural, one of the finest punk debuts in recent history, DC's Priests have announced the release of their sophomore album, which will be titled The Seduction of Kansas and will come out April 5th, 2019 through their own imprint, Sister Polygon Records.

The album's title track shows a very different direction, with a more electronic and art pop-inclined sound coming to the front, while the band cites among their influences for the upcoming LP a few landmark electronic works from the nineties, such as Mezzanine by Massive Attack and Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails, as well as Portishead's 2008 comeback record, Third.

This time around Taylor Mulitz is out, but still serves as the artwork designer, and Janel Leppin is in as the band's fourth member alongside Katie Alice Greer, Daniele Daniele, and GL Jaguar.

The super fun and colorful video that comes with the first sing is directed by singer Katie Alice Greer.


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