PissWand: Apex Prisoner

Apex Prisoner is the second single and title track from the upcoming album, by Seattle heavy punks, PissWand. The song is a straightforward, three-minute ripper that goes straight for the jugular, uniformly mixing elements from hardcore punk, crust, sludge and doom metal. It follows the previously revealed album opener, Divide and Smite, which unsurprisingly carries equal amounts of heaviness and extreme metal grandeur.

Solid, pulsating rhythms, memorable, oddly familiar riffs, and a frantic vocal execution, all result to a wild, yet, very much cohesive bastardization of raucous punk and extreme metal, which appears boldly aggressive, at times menacing and overall cutting edge, and thoroughly well done.

Apex Prisoner releases February 9th, 2019 via Amerikan Aesthetics, and it will be available on digital, cassette, and vinyl.

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