Dakota: Four Leaf Clover

Delivering an admirable combination of dreampop and garage rock, Dutch quartet, Dakota, will be coming up with their debut album, intriguingly titled, Here's The 101 On How To Disappear, out on February 8th, 2019. Their anticipated LP is being introduced with a charming indie pop love song, and the album's opening number, Four Leaf Clover, dropping alongside a fantastic video directed by Luka Boerrigter.

"The chance of finding a happy relationship or a four leaf clover is pretty much interchangeable," the band state about the newly surfaced song. "We’re all looking for that something perfect; that spark, that high and in the beginning we can’t believe we’ve finally found it, but then life happens and it seems like what we thought we had, was something else entirely. It was not close to a perfect relationship and it was not the four leaf clover; it was just worthless weed and 'ill weed grows apace'."

Dakota are Lisa Brammer, Lana Kooper, Jasmine van der Waals and Annemarie van den Born. It makes a whole lot of sense to trust that their coming album is going to be one thoroughly worth exploring.


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