D//E Premiere: It's For Us: Stay

Following their acclaimed 2017 debut album, Come With Me, Swedish post punk up and comers, It's For Us, are currently in preparations for the release of their sophomore LP, off which the first specimen is the title track, Stay, a brief, yet very dynamic single that carries a lot from the band's firmness and dark energy.

"Stay is one of the songs from the album that just wrote itself," bassist and vocalist, Camilla Karlsson, reveals to D//E. "We jammed a few minutes and then it was ready. It was like all of us already subconsciously knew how it was suppose to sound, even before it was written. The lyrics are about doing the opposite than the title. To turn yourself inside out trying to make a relationship work even though you know it is going to fail, right from the very beginning."

The upcoming record explores complicated subjects drawing influence from the band's members' private life, and becomes a bold sign of progress for their intricate sound. Most of the writing was conceived in Camilla's living room by her and guitarist, Jon Gredmark, while the recording was skillfully captured at Joniverse studios in Stockholm.

"When I started writing the lyrics to this album, I found myself in crisis," Camilla offers more insight about the creative process. "I had a destructive relationship where I suddenly discovered that I became co-dependent despite being educated and working with exactly those questions and addiction. I was 30 years old and just learned that my mother was dying of cancer. Making music and writing has always been a need and this became even more important during this period."

Stay - the album - comes out February 1st, 2019 via Novoton, and its lead single streams for the first time, right below.

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