Boy Harsher: Fate

Two singles and videos in, the upcoming Boy Harsher record is fixing to become the first brilliant release of 2019. Careful comes out February 1st, 2019 through the band's own imprint, Nude Records, and the freshly unveiled, Fate, follows leading single, Face the Fire, to expose the darkwave duo's poignancy and great form at the present moment.

The song is a charmingly monotonous banger, while the video, directed by Bryan M. Ferguson with cinematography by George Harwood, works like an engaging and absolutely compelling vampiric short, which could compete with some of the finest modern indie horror flicks out there.

"This song is about how there's no amount of running that will prevent you from your life," the band states. "You are raw and beat-down, yet you will continue to behave the same way — Fate is your own trouble, a magnetic force that's stuck on you forever."

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