Swine Tax: Natural Causes

Unleashed on Halloween, and presenting a completely different approach, this time rather darker and much heavier in sound, Natural Causes is the latest, striking and surprisingly melodramatic single by Newcastle trio, Swine Tax, who continue looking forward and always aiming for something intriguing, artistic and unconventional.

For the new single the band cite among the influences their obvious love for the rowdy, guitar-driven noise rock of Sonic Youth, as well as horror movies, and the tragedy in Shakespeare’s timeless play, Hamlet. Lyrically, vocally and in terms of overall musicianship and instrumental muscle, Natural Causes finds the propitious trio at the top of their fuzz rocking game.

Swine Tax are Vince (vocals/guitar), TK (vocals/bass) and Charlie (vocals/drums), and although the band have yet to produce a full length record, they have been very consistent through their firm single releases which showcase their growth and evolution in only a year and a half.

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