Hexmaze: Hex Hex Hex

With an international roster comprised of five women from the UK, Sweden, Poland and Mexico, and a multifaceted sound which brings together influences from straightforward punk rock, garage rock, dreampop, psychedelia and sludge/stoner rock, Hexmaze emerge with a mighty impressive debut single that puts them on the map as a competent new indie act, among the ones to watch.

The London-based quintet present the heaviness and the fuzziness of their instrumental strength combined with the harmonious and utterly robust vocal delivery, in a firm fusion impossible to turn a deaf ear to.

In their own words, their debut single is about "the anxious feeling of knowing something is wrong, then the anger when you decide not to put up with it anymore."

"All five of us contribute equally to the sound, bringing with us all of our different influences from punk to dream pop," they say, offering more insight about their mindset and creative process. "We find ourselves locking into a particular sound, jamming for hours on end and we turn that idea into a full song. The result is usually something spacey and weird but still with a lot of playful, pop songwriting influences too."

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