Died: Borrower

New York-based four-piece, Died, have a knack for seamlessly bringing together the aggression and distress from all kinds and sub-genres of punk, from post hardcore and mathcore to more straightforward post punk sounds. The band's sophomore EP, Anonymized Internal Criminals, was recorded by acclaimed producer, Arthur Rizk of Code Orange, Power Trip and Pissed Jeans fame.

Heavy post punk tour de force and EP highlight, Borrower, is considered by the band one of their most pointed manifestations of the psychoanalytic "trans-alivedead" concept, accurately portraying an individual's dark descend into madness and their self destructive proclivities.

"On one hand, the song drifts between various genres, constructing one, then deconstructing that same one, then reconstructing another out of the ruins of the last," the band describe. "On the other hand, the lyrics narrate the experience of an individual's struggle to cope with the oppressive and repressive systems of power existing in late-capitalism."

Died is Matt Leichenger, Ian White, Caio Brentar, and Alex Geisel.

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