Acid Smoker: Down For Whatever

Experimental pop, radiant psychedelia, lo-fi beauty and often memorable melodiousness, all that wrapped up in a thick cloud of haziness and DIY ethos, Acid Smoker's newest release, Nothing Feels Right, comes out evoking quality and wistful romanticism through the grittiness.

The nine-song album was written and recorded in October 2018 on a 4-track cassette recorder, and although it was put together fast, there is nothing sloppy nor thoughtless about it. Instead it sounds direct and honest, and like something that came straight from the heart of a self made act which will always deserve the additional appreciation.

Album closer, Down For Whatever, is a two-minute winner that carries much from the album's traditional pop sensibility.

Nothing Feels Right is out now on the Washington-based eclectic independent label, 2060 Records.

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