Swervedriver: Mary Winter

For those whom almost four years ago expected the comeback album by shoegaze veterans, Swervedriver, to be the band's firm return to action, I Wasn't Born To Lose You came out exceeding all expectations, and sounding like one of the most confident reunion LPs by a classic nineties act.

Very much later the confidence lives on, and Swervedriver return again with a new record, Future Ruins, set to come out on January 25th, 2019 via Dangerbird. Next year's first hot release is being introduced by its leading single and opening number, Mary Winter, carrying much of the signature energy and fuzziness that earned the band their well deserved reputation in the first place.

"There’s a lot of foreboding with regard to the future on this album," frontman Adam Franklin reveals. "Space is in there a lot too. In the first song, the character is a spaceman who’s trying to remember what life is really like. Also, it could be about somewhere in the world where winter isn’t like the winter here. A sunny place, but it’s December or January and you’re trying to remember winter. Something’s going on."

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