SRSQ: Permission

Only a few months after the release of Amends, the latest and probably last record by Bay Area duo, Them Are Us Too, the band's surviving member, Kennedy Ashlyn, is continuing the legacy of her dark and enchanting artistry as a solo act.

The untimely passing of Cash Askew caused the ending of Them Are Us Too, but SRSQ emerges with Unreality, a strong first release, with an equally ethereal feel and dreamy mindset, once again much equivalent to the cunningly put together Cocteau Twins-reminiscent sound to which Ashlyn's vocal abilities seem like a perfect pair. Unreality looms like an organic continuation of the bewitching dark sound which Them Are Us Too so delicately produced, luxurious and emotive, and undoubtedly full of charm and character.

First single, Permission, entices the listener with a two-minute sinister introduction, right before it expands into something absolutely outlandish and genre defying, and it comes with a surrealistic, cinematic video courtesy of Leigh Violet. Unreality is out now via Dais Records.

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