Protomartyr: Forbidden

Earlier in the summer Protomartyr indulged in a collaborative release with Spray Paint. In a similar manner they have now announced a split seven-inch with fellow punks, Preoccupations. On Telemetry At Howe Bridge the two bands will be covering each other's songs, with Protomartyr's unique take on Preoccupations' Forbidden being the first to be revealed.

Much extended, even moodier, completely altered and elevated from the directness of the original two-minute stripped down piece which can be found on Preoccupations' 2016 self-titled EP, the new take sounds utterly imposing.

Protomartyr vocalist, Joe Casey, states: "There’s an old adage that goes something like, ‘If you’re going to cover a song by a beloved Canadian band, it’s best to pick the second shortest one. So Forbidden it is. We all really liked the outro part and had the brilliant idea to extend it. And that, my friends, is how you make musical history."

The two bands will be out on a joint tour starting late November 2018. Telemetry At Howe Bridge releases November 16th, 2018 on Domino.

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