Nah.: Be Better

A little before the release of their first full-length album, Washington DC based band, Nah., come up with a small series of excellent singles, presenting their notable DIY mentality, and their dynamic fusion of dazzling sounds and styles, mainly consisting of dreampop and psychedelia.

Be Better was self-recorded, mixed, and mastered in the band's own home studio, and it emerges illustriously dreamy and expansive, as much as it sounds raw and visceral through the hopeful band's prominent delivery.

Nah. is comprised of singer-songwriter, Brendan Ra Tyler; poet, lyricist and singer, Emma Bleker; drummer Steve Rodriguez; guitarist Chris Smith; and keyboardist Zack Be. The band released their promising debut EP, Social Meteor, last year, on which they worked with acclaimed engineer, Don Zientara (Bad Brains, Fugazi, Minor Threat, John Frusciante, Foo Fighters and more).

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