Disasterpeace: The Curse of Edendale

Once one hears about Rich Vreeland aka Disasterpeace working on a new soundtrack a few years after the well deserved recognition he earned for It Follows, it would be most sensible to expect something more synth-driven, given that breakthrough 2015 score, as well as the rest of the artist's more unnoticed, yet, large body of work. Still, Disasterpeace returns as the composer of the new film directed by It Follows director, David Robert Mitchell, this time taking a completely different, unexpected route.

Disasterpeace's score for the upcoming neo-noir thriller film, Under the Silver Lake, marks the first time the artist attempts his skills on a full orchestral approach, and the result once more strengthens the notion that Vreeland's musicianship is not equally matched, and it's consistently presented as one of the currently most imposing and promising acts in today's film music and experimental ambiance.

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