Neon Nox: Fahrenheit

Brilliant, shiny, elegant retrowave aesthetics, a sharply produced, dynamic sound, and themes of escapism and venturousness, fit for all lovers of outrun and highly stylized synthwave. All these and more you should expect going into the audacious and extremely promising new full length by Swedish producer, Neon Nox.

Syndicate Shadow is an intricate thematic record which adroitly combines edginess and buoyancy in its eleven vivid tracks, providing the perfect score to any purposeless night drive, or to any kind of tightly structured adventure, where the good, the heroic, the charming and the refined always prevail.

Fahrenheit which comes right after the album's introductory Prelude, sets the tone for the whole record, setting it in motion to a perfect start, still, what follows is not any less engaging.

Syndicate Shadow is one of the most warm-blooded synthwave releases of 2018, and it's out now via NewRetroWave Records.

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