Lunacy: Not In The Sun

Just The Beginning is a compilation of recordings from Lunacy's EP's and singles, spanning his work from 2016 to 2018. The album will be comprised of 12 songs (plus 2 bonus tracks with the digital and CD version) in the order in which they were released.

Opening piece, Not In The Sun, is a dark burner which efficiently sets the mood for the bleakness and despair that Lunacy's songwriting grows into as his art progresses and gets its own unique shape and sound. It is an immersive introductory track to a desolate world where the underground darkwave torch is held aloft, carried by the unconventional and the eccentric.

Influences from dark electronica and post punk come together in a consistent blend, and as time has confirmed, this was just the beginning for Lunacy and his deeply engaging dark craft.

Just The Beginning comes out through Altarpiece Records (US, Limited to 200 copies on White Vinyl) and Third Coming Records (EU, Limited to 300 Copies on Black Vinyl) on October 26th, 2018.

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