Emma Ruth Rundle: Light Song

One of the most impressive songs on Emma Ruth Rundle's upcoming LP, On Dark Horses, has just received the music video treatment. Directed by Danielle Elise Bartley and starring Emma alongside Jaye Jayle's Evan Patterson and a beautiful veil courtesy of Ashley Rose Couture, the magnificent visual which accompanies Light Song is a cinematic, magnificent piece of work that equals the music's somberly romantic vibe.

With her partner and frequent collaborator, Patterson, on backing vocals, Light Song is only one of the tracks which sound nothing less than brilliant on the forthcoming LP. On Dark Horses, through its equestrian concept and its big stylistic range which covers everything from dark Americana to heavy post rock, comes out bold, arguably as the most competent and imposing collection of songs the artist has come up with thus far in her already excellent career.

Top photo by Priscilla Scott


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