Corasandel: Blenefill

Drawing inspiration from the first line of shoegaze treasury, as much as they do from traditional folk, good old indie rock and even experimental ambiance, Lincolnshire duo, Corasandel, show a strong tendency for pushing the boundaries of dreampop and gaze-y music ahead, while they remain true to their roots and respectful toward the sources that influence them. Among those the band cite Slowdive, Shack and Neil Young, but it does not take more than a listen to grasp that Corasandel emerge with a forward-thinking attitude

Originated from the band's need to experiment and play around, new single, Blenefill, displays a lot from the multifaceted character of their music, and expresses the radical thought that "kindness is the new rebellion."

The single is out now by Old Tin Box Recordings in the UK, while we are promised an EP from the band coming in 2019.

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