Code Elektro: Shinobi

Synthwave is bright. Synthwave is colorful, it is impressive and idealistic. It gets more popular with time, and it steadily makes superstars out of artists and producers. One of those rising stars ought to be Danish artist, Code Elektro, whose brilliant combination of retro synthwave sounds and cyberpunk imagery now also throws some splendid references to Japanese culture in the mix.

Code Elektro's new single, Shinobi, off his album, TRIADS, is presented alongside a fantastic video whose visuals don't lack radiance and tastefulness, and come strongly reminiscent of films that have influenced the genre more than any others, like TRON and Blade Runner.

The video is partly animation, and produced by filmmaker Victor Velasco (The Other Side, Monday, Gina). The action takes place in the year 2753, when "a Japanese psychic girl infiltrates into a mega corporation guarded by robot ninjas in order to take revenge after the loss of her girlfriend by the hands of the president of the company." Maximiliano Hernández (Walking Dead, The Avengers, Captain America), is starring in it.

This is as good as an overblown mixture of synthwave, cyberpunk, film music and stylized visuals can get.

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