Super Unison: Falcon

Oakland, CA post hardcore trio, Super Unison, rocked pretty hard back in 2016 with their debut, Auto, and have just announced its follow up, Stella, scheduled for release October 26th, 2018 via Deathwish Inc.

The new album gathers a team of masterful producers as it was recorded by the legend, Steve Albini, produced by Don Devore (Ink & Dagger) and mastered by Jack Shirley (Oathbreaker, Deafheaven, and tons more), and all that level of talent, combined with the band's fervent execution and beautiful lyricism, is clearly evident through the lead single, Falcon.

Super Unison's punk rocking dynamism is comprised of the impassioned vocals and deep bass of Meghan O’Neil, the sharp guitars of Kevin DeFranco, and the pounding drums of Justin Renninger.

Photo by Reid Haithcock


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