Silent Forum: How I Faked The Moon Landing

Hailing from Cardiff, Wales indie rock four piece, Silent Forum, come forth with another excellent single, ambitious in regard to everything, from its length to the intriguing title and the challenging, exciting fusion of styles.

The over six minutes long, How I Faked The Moon Landing, is a notable advancement for the rising quartet, and one of their most aspirant efforts thus far. The song carries the pristine production of Charlie Francis who has previously worked with R.E.M., Future of the Left and Ultravox, and the beautiful accompanying visual was filmed in Barry Island by filmmaker Jaydon Martin, depicting the band enjoying the place's famous arcades.

"How I Faked the Moon Landing sees us move into a more joyous and euphoric space," the band describe. "The song’s disco beats and poppy new wave instrumentation is the first indication of our forthcoming LP that breaks from our former brooding 'indie noir' sound."

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