Ruiners: Outside

With their upcoming LP, Typecast, on the way, Houston, TX, post punk/noise rockers, Ruiners, share an energetic first single and video, a foretoken of the band's follow up to last year's very promising, Plebeian.

Taking things one step forward, and sounding more refined and astute than ever, Ruiners channel the extreme punk rocking intensity of American punk and post hardcore giants like Fugazi, Black Flag and Drive Like Jehu, in a similar manner to some of their equally impressive peers, such as Protomartyr or Idles, tackling themes of introversion, and laying out their notably strong production and fervent delivery with unparalleled confidence.

The good looking visual that comes with the dynamic song is directed by Derek Rathbun.

Typecast comes on September 4th, 2018.

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