Deru: Torn In Two

Whenever Benjamin Wynn is not busy with his work as an upcoming film composer, his sound design, and orchestral works as a founding member of The Echo Society, he keeps the on with the growth and evolution of his exploratory, ambient electronica project, under the Deru moniker.

Torn In Two is the brilliant and utterly intriguing album opener of the upcoming LP of the same name, due out October 19th, 2018 via Friends of Friends. The new album follows 1979, Deru's previous full length from 2014 which dealt more with individual human emotions, while Torn In Two is expected to expand into touching on the human existence as a whole.

Emerging as a fine juxtaposition between moments of intensity and calmness, the new piece represents Deru’s new direction, a more daring one, which covers a wider range of his alluring dark ambient sound.


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