Dead Naked Hippies: Rare

Following Guillotine from two months ago, Leeds trio Dead Naked Hippies come back with another dirty rocking single, once more based on momentous riffage, and conveying a straightforward punk approach and radical energy which is not very often encountered in today's alternative rock landscape.

Frontwoman Lucy Jowett states about the new single: "It is a song about self love. I think we're quick to judge the term & deem it laughable or irrelevant in fear of being arrogant, or weird. But if you take a hard look at the society we live in, it's clear to see why so many people struggle to feel content in their own minds and their own bodies. I've always struggled with myself and it sickens me to think that so many other people feel the same. It needs to change."

She further expands about the song's philosophy and the band's revolutionist mindset: "We're used by advertising companies, so they can make money out of our discontentment. Bombarded with images of fake realities, only to make us feel like ours isn't enough. We're made to feel like our creativity and passion will never be as important as serving a functional purpose in society. It's dull, boring and I'm fucking mad about it. Most importantly, I want people to know that they're not alone."

Like that equally thrilling previous single of theirs, Rare was produced and mixed by Matt Peel (Pulled Apart By Horses, Eagulls, Menace Beach), and mastered by Robin Schmidt (Placebo, Maximo Park, Our Girl).

Photo by Andrew Benge

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