Cursive: Life Savings

Post hardcore indie rockers, Cursive, have been around for quite a long time, over twenty years, and have fueled the world with a series of excellent records, most notably 2000's Domestica and its follow up, The Ugly Organ from 2003. The band is about to return with a new full length, their first in six years, introduced by a propulsive new single.

Life Savings shows leader and main songwriter, Tim Kasher, returning to an instinctual and more emotional style of writing, while the contribution from Kasher's previous collaborator, cellist Megan Seibe, takes the band's sound back to the rich instrumental overtones of The Ugly Organ, when Cursive had prominently used the cello last.

Vitriola, the band's eighth studio album is promised to be a stirring listen, full of character and cathartic qualities, and estimable as the rest of Cursive's body of work. Its freshness is evidently declared through its introductory single, where Kasher's anger meets with his writing's lyricism.

Vitriola releases October 5th, 2018, via Cursive's own imprint, 15 Passenger.

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