Black Belt Eagle Scout: Just Lie Down

Portland-based musician, Katherine Paul is Black Belt Eagle Scout, a multi-instrumentalist brought up in a Native American commune, surrounded by the spiritual ways of her family and the traditions of her ancestors, while indulging in Hole and Nirvana VHS bootlegs.

Mother of My Children, Black Belt Eagle Scout's debut album, is scheduled for release September 28th, 2018 through Saddle Creek.

"Having this identity—radical indigenous queer feminist—keeps me going. My music and my identity come from the same foundation of being a Native woman," KP reveals. "I wrote this album in the fall of 2016 after two pretty big losses in my life. My mentor, Geneviève Castrée, had just died from pancreatic cancer and the relationship I had with the first woman I loved had drastically lessened and changed."

The most recently unveiled, Just Lie Down, is a spectacular display of KP's beautiful writing and lyricism, beginning with a wave of alluring distortion, before transforming into something utterly melodious.

"To me, it was a simple poem you could say to yourself that means even though you are sad, even though there seems like there is no hope, look up and see what is above you," she says about the song. "The sky is still blue and beautiful. Hopefully you will see that beauty and move forward."

Photo by Jason Quigley

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